University Profile

Universitas Pembangunan Jaya (UPJ Bintaro) is situated on a 15 acres of land at a strategic point in modern private city Bintaro Jaya, Tanggerang Selatan. With the motto of “Integrity, Professionalism, and Entrepreneurship”, UPJ Bintaro has dedicated itself as a house of knowledge where students can learn and develop themselves to be professionals who are creative and innovative individuals equipped with a set of entrepreneurial skills and characters. The university was established in 2011 by a renowned business group named Pembangunan Jaya Group which runs more than 17 different business units with core businesses are in the areas of property, manufacture, management consultation, design consultation, construction, tourism/recreation, trading, mechanical and electrical engineering, and education. Currently holds rank 92 and notably as the youngest university in league of TOP 100 Best University in Indonesia in 2020 by Indonesian Ministry of Education, Universitas Pembangunan Jaya envisions to become an excellent university of choice for researches in Urban Studies in South East Asia.

Build an International Portfolio

UPJ IUP is designed to enhance students’ ability to compete on international platforms and the job market.

  • Apprenticeship at IT start-up companies in Singapore, Vietnam, and Malaysia.
  • Apprenticeship Certificate.
  • Global Networking.

Earn an Income While Studying

Now more than ever businesses hire Information System students for apprenticeship positions within the IT sectors ranging from multinational companies to small and medium-sized start-up companies.

  • Opportunity to earn a total income up to 16,200 USD (apprenticeship throughout the 4 years Bachelor's degree program).
  • Zero cost international apprenticeship at international IT start-up companies recommended by the university.