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Through the UPJ Accounting Study Program, students learn how to prepare and interpret financial reports, design information systems, conduct audits and report the results, prepare and report company taxes, and analyze financial and investment feasibility. We also offer specializations that are most relevant to the needs of today's industrial world dsfdsf:

  • Managerial Accounting
  • Digital Accounting
  • Auditing
  • Taxation


We have a distinctive color that other Accounting Study Programs don't have

The Accounting Study Program at Pembangunan Jaya University has a distinctive color that similar Accounting Study Programs do not have, namely creating Accountants who not only play a role in the process of preparing and analyzing Financial Reports, but also Accountants who understand the application of Environmental Accounting (Sustainability Reporting) and related Financial Modeling accounting field.

The implementation of higher education in the Accounting Study Program is carried out using a student-centered learning method which involves all elements of the academic community in the Accounting Study Program to play an active role in increasing academic knowledge, practical knowledge in the field of accounting science and leadership as well as student involvement in community activities and developing accounting practices. in Indonesia.

Profile of Our Graduates

  • Is a capable and ethical leader.

  • Able to apply managerial skills in the workplace.

  • Providing positive transformation for companies, organizations and society.

  • Individuals who are creative and responsive to technological developments and skilled in applying architectural knowledge in the academic and industrial fields.

  • A professional, critical and independent leader who will carry out the role and profession of an architect in the future.

  • An individual who understands the responsibility and ethics to develop innovative ideas that impact society.

What to Learn

In the Accounting Study Program, students study all the subjects needed to be ready to enter the accounting profession:

  • Prepare and interpret financial reports.

  • Designing information systems.

  • Conduct audits and prepare audit reports.

  • Calculate, report and audit taxes.

  • Calculate, compile and analyze product costs.

  • Analyze finances and investments.

  • Make planning, control and decision making in the organization.

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Future Career

Here are some career options and job prospects for Accounting graduates: 

  • Company Accountant

  • Public Accountant

  • Auditor Internal

  • Tax consultant

  • Financial Management Consultant

  • Financial and Capital Market Analyst

Alumni Stories

My main goal is to inspire and serve others as I have also been served and inspired by big-hearted people.

Gaudensia Catherine Accounting, Class of 2015, Auditor at Grant Thornton Indonesia

Studying at Pembangunan Jaya University gave me very broad learning by not only being active in the classroom but also outside the classroom through organizational activities, professional work, and competitions that I participated in.

Muhammad Arkan Faruqi Social Media Manager at Status Pro Sport Indonesia

After graduating, I was immediately accepted to work at one of the companies in the Jaya Group (PT. Jaya Real Property Tbk.) I was very happy, the process was fast and assisted by UPJ.

Della HRD PT Jaya Real Property, Tbk

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Rahadian Syah Chief OOO